Do Any of the developers actually read this forum?


If so, could I receive an honest and logically reason as to why you guys wouldn’t add ranking to the PvP battles…

Esp if you allow me to play once I have a monster at lvl 20… You allow beta players to play the same PvP battles as someone who has been playing for a day… Essentially creating a realm where the stronger get stronger. Except this should come as no surprise to anyone

It’s the same reason why I can’t skip to the last challenge at the coliseum or you can’t just skip the hunter rank tests. THERE NEEDS TO BE PACING! I PAID for, played and beat DI, even recommended to friends and even after numerous bugs with recipes and missions, I still purchased this game.

I’m sorry to rant but such ridiculous flaws are aggravating after one has spent his or her own valuable money. I’m aware you guys could care less as long as the checks keep rolling in but this will likely be the last game I purchase from these developers if certain aspects of this sort of game aren’t addressed… I.e. Some monsters are less likely than the lotto and others can’t even always be obtained, SO WHAT LOGICAL reason is there for still not having trade options

Worse part is it even says I’m In a rookie league rofl sorry for the rant but I have never been so disappointed in a game with this much potential. It hurts my soul.

And ftr iam not ungrateful, and while the core element of the game isn’t in the least bit original, I mostly enjoy it, as a music engineer I mostly sit at my desk so this is entertaining during sessions. Literally clicked the same spot from 11pm-7am for a starter and didn’t get not one but this is what bothers me the most

Although we would all love to see rankings and who you are actually fighting. I doubt it will he added

They do ofcourse, look at overall top posters and look on first two pages … Them together have over 700 times ur posts

I see that you have answered my initial question but I am unsure the relevance of the rest of your post? Is it to declare that one must post unreasonably frequently to deserve to be heard?

I’d hate to post 700 topics full of complaints? And if I’m enjoying the game that much(combined with actually living) how does one dedicate that much time to posting… To fix a game that I already enjoy playing? Quite a paradox

Its just that They answer as Much as They can and u didnt read this forum cuz u had one post…
Now im not trying to start an discussion but They answered alot and They have to work on the game aswell

Theyre working on the upcoming update so give then some time

I think you misunderstood what Jean is saying. The devs themselves have over 700 posts. They are quite active with the community and want us to voice our opinions be they good or bad so that they can make the game better for us their valued customers.

That being said I’m sorry you’re frustrated with the game and hopefully the coming update will remedy some of your frustrations. I know they’re working hard on it and I personally can’t wait! The game is quite new. If you’re patient and give it some time it will develop nicely, because as stated above the devs strive to make their game better and make us happy. They have no obligation to do so either. That’s why I like this game so much, because the devs actually care about us.

^Yep thats what I meant

About PvP. First of all, do leave beta testers out. They’re not allowed to use the unreleased monsters they have in PvP. With their fair teams, they’re on the same level as most others (sometimes worse, since we had B ranks of all monsters and most people have S ranks).

The idea of a ranking system - ELO - is in the works. These developers are new to multiplayer and still learning. The current system was a temporary filler system to hold out until ELO can be accomplished.

For now, they plan to add more leagues so as to further separate the newbie league from the final league. But again, it’s only temporary for now.

As for egg spins, this issue has been discussed in great depth. Egg spins will undergo big changes in the update. All monsters should be obtainable at some point in the future, including both egg-exclusive and missed mission monsters.

The issue with trading is that it allows for huge amounts of exploits. But with that being said, there are alternative, less-exploitable versions of trading being discussed as well. The developers have commented on those ideas being good ones, and we may see them in the future.

And as a final comment that I feel I must add in: what kind of game would you consider original? All games must be based on something we know in our minds :).

Ashley said what needed to be said

These Devs care more than you guys realize and everytime a problem comes up, it aggravates them as much as it aggravates us, if not more so because those bugs weren’t there.

They’re perfectionists.

This is also their first time with multiplayer, as their previous efforts were placed in single player

So please, relax, enjoy the game as much as you can and wait for the update to fix the bigger bugs

Well, original is hard. But I love RPGs - especially monster-catching RPGs, so why not?

I think they set the lvl 20 thing to prevent people from abusing the system, I suppose. I’m no techie, but I can’t think of any other reason why. Maybe because at lvl 1-19 you practically have no good arkadions unless you somehow buy a million of golden eggs. (unless I’m misunderstanding you. Sorry!)

And once again, I’ll say this: all OM arkadions will eventually be released into the wild. For everyone. 

I agree with you, though, about the trading thing. Gosh, I would love trading. People say people scam but I’ve been to many other games with trading and they get along just fine. Maybe when HI gets older. 

Sorry if I’m fueling the fire. This is just my two cents.

My issue is less with the scamming, more with the fact that some of the arks are just too powerful to be traded normally.

On top of that, all arks (excluding the ones that aren’t released yet) can be gotten in game, so what’s the point in trading?

Maybe if you have limited time arks, Om arks that wont be released into wild, cosmetic changes, tournament prize arks, etc. that would be a good monster to trade.

^ I want a red bluechick and a blue goldio!

But in all honesty I agree with deadpool in regards to trading.

Sorry for getting off topic though, the devs still care I promise :wink: heck they could be reading this any minute now! (Give us red bluechick!)

I’m pretty sure all OM arks will be released into the wild.

As for having all arks available, it doesn’t mean people will get it easily. Perhaps Person A finds leafies really easily, but wants a galey. Problem is, Person A can’t find galey. At all. So Person A can trade with Person B, who might have a similar situation, but the other way around. It saves time and frustration.

I think this is on topic. The OP did mention trading, so there is no harm in discussing it at length, right?

Heh good point ^^

Trading or no trading people will still inevitably complain. With trading I’m sure some people will somehow will find some way to make it “unfair” and people will complain. Without trading people will complain about the no trading.

Can’t please everyone right? I personally think it’s a mostly single player oriented game and I believe trading should be left out, but I wouldn’t be totally opposed if they chose to put it in.

If it’s mostly single player, PvP wouldn’t be a hot topic. But it is. I believe a lot of the people here play PvP (maybe even the majority, but I’m bad this sort of thing), especially since DIB didn’t have it.

And yeah, you can’t please everyone. That’s the question: will putting in trading please more people? Or will leaving it out please more people?

Like and unlike you, I’m all for trading, but I wouldn’t be totally opposed if they didn’t put it in either.

I think this topic needs to be closed

If trading was ever implemented, it wouldn’t be the kind your thinking about. It wouldn’t be between friends or anything like that. It would be more like wonder trading in pokemon X and Y. Wonder Trading is when you put in an arkadion of your own and you get a random arkadion back.

 haha thank you for that and i completely get what you mean about trading

but as far as originality goes, most things are derivatives of other, yes, but this game bares incredible resemblance to another game involving catching monsters that i could also fit into my pocket… hm?

and i honestly only play this because of that reason. they just have to make it pretty and work.

It’s a genre… a fun genre at that. So I’m glad more people are making games in the genre :slight_smile: