Please strengthen these old monsters.
As everyone know,Last stand in the early days of this game is very strong, but now they have become the tears of the times.

Compared with the Dark Dragon, Shenlong is limited by attributes, and secret skills are almost useless.
Deo now only has a high-speed recharge, and the damage is very low, and there is no shield, although it is stun immuity, but the cd is very long, it only is a high-speed wave aoe.
These two strange output skills are only 400sec novablast. This skill is difficult to achieve although it hurts the explosion.neomonsters neomonsters

The last biters are still good in some bits of content when you build around them. They’re very old legendaries which aren’t super strong like newer ones.

Kamiwyrm is fine with death wish.

Deodragon is a good monster for the mid-game. It has high TU on the energy blast but you can give turn to it then it is bloodthirst + stun immunity.

The two 400s novablast monsters are actually very good for PvE when combined with OoO or a heavy stun set-up. They have bloodthirst and stealth all which are both useful.

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Totally agree, Rexy could also get a buff and a good passive not thr trash one he has…the swap in moji bird could also get a rework i never see him at pvp

Biters need buff.

There are legitimately better options when it comes to the novablasters

Only reason shadow is better than kami is because there are loads of full protector fl atm. I think kami would do much better with insta sleep killer


Problem with kami is getting the 1st kill while shadow suffers from getting the 2nd kill

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Okay how about a damage buff to the last bite move? Thing is, I don’t think they deserve to be as strong as they used to be. They just need to be viable for use in PvE so they have a place in the game. They’re good and still work but maybe buffing the damage will make them more worthwhile building around?

I get you with the novablasters. When you look at some of the limited monsters there are plenty of better options. However, they’re still great at what they do and for people without all those limited monsters they’re brilliant. Just look at Time Attack… they’re still key players there.

Totally agree. I actually prefer death wish more for the design. It makes Kamiwyrm a better overall sweeper because it only needs one target then it can get going. Problem is, the immediate impact Shadowyrm can have is too good that it’s better in practice. Also, the water type for Kamiwyrm means there’s an element it struggles to do anything against.

I don’t think either Shadowyrm or Kamiwyrm need buffing. They’re both just overused monsters which people need to bench and play other things instead.

Last bite is still usable in the endgame if you’re smart about it. Maybe switch life flip for purify.

Deo is great in the endgame.

The problem with deo is that his tu is too long. I think his injury can’t be equal to the tu he paid. I think it should be changed to 150 or 160tu, and have a shield. The blood can be completely unneeded. 400sec novablast can only correspond to uc 400~500 really didn’t work for me.Death wish is a very powerful skill, but the damage of the dragon is not high and can’t correspond to pve activity, and the pvp dark dragon is obviously stronger.

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The only problem with last bite is that it is not flexible enough. He can only be used for pre-pve activities.

I agree, for such a long TU maybe excessive force would help Deo out, or as you said a shield on charge. He only really does 1 thing but not very well and there are so many counters for it.

I like the idea of putting a shield everytime Deo recharges, it would justify the high tu of his energy blast. There aslo plenty of counters so its not an excessive buff.

You really should consider that pve is pretty much dead and no one asks for pve monsters.

Getting a pve monster is pretty much like getting epic dup.


Excessive force on a monster with 99% speed. 1s charge (since it’s not in FL) and stun immunity
Aight buddy :joy::joy::joy:

now many monsters have3~5 passive such as neomonsters neomonsters So.I think they should be strengthen.

I also said before, deo is just a high-speed aoe with a slightly higher damage. He is actually very cumbersome and has no follow-up damage without assistance


These 10 monsters that I think need to be strengthened.

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That’s your sight. Pve monsters are nice to have.


Tridrakan and maggot , why venom chronk killer 70tu and protect,sleep killer 100s ???