Defeated because of disconnection

I agree that if I intentionally/accidentally switch to other app I should be considered disconnected and defeated.

However, I was considered disconnected when I get “notification from other apps i.e. calendar app”& “Low battery 10%/20%”, which I think is not fair as I couldn’t control those things.

So, would be great if the developers can change these rules :slight_smile:

I do agree with that. The actual only pvp battle I participated in ended when I got the Low battery 20% Remaining message haha! Im sure the dev’s are working on the different types of process interrupting and how the app can tell it apart :slight_smile:

I agree with u but if ur in pvp or in the game and u press homebutton then ur not disconnect so a simple thing as an alarm couldnt have u get disconnected

It’s crazy to see how many people in the master league disconnect. I’m curious if they all know whatever the trick is to disconnect and not make it count as a loss? If not, and they disconnect they don’t get the 250 diamonds, it’s better to take the lose I think.

It could Also be the connection between u two guys… Its not always disconnecting