Difficult quests

So, just really wanted to make a topic with a quest guide but I take my time going through games so I get people to talk about quests and eventually ill put them all in one big post for everyone to see.

Guess ill start, the ryudo ( think that’s what its called ) cave quest. OMG. SO. MANY. ANUBIS!!! I had to train my arkadians so much to finish that quest. so difficult. If I remember correctly its on the 4th floor.

Typhoonwyrm, Magmawyrm, and Omegawyrm. They’re in seperate quest so you need to beat one quest to get to the other. Super hard to beat because they’re dragons!

Angelon Quest. It’s super hard. It has a high health and a alot of Bonus Actions

Levithian. It’s 3 levithians! It’s hard. I had to focus on one.

(These quest are all in the Crescent Island)

I believe the three leviathan quest is south-west of Yelan, but yes the others are on Crescent Island 

Hate. Hate. Hate. Hated. The leviathans. They got so many bonus attacks it was rediculous =__= as for the other quests I wasn’t bothered by much.

I don’t remember if it was in a quest or the online mission, but the first time I ran into a Barricadus… I had no idea what to do to it. My only Metal Slash user was dead, so I just kept hitting it… and hitting it… and hitting it…

I lost like ten minutes later.