Leviathan quest

Can someone give me information on the quest where you have to defeat 3 leviathans in that snowy place? I always assumed my team was OP cuz right now they are all
Lv 70 but they keep killing me.

You should have your guys at level 90 at least 3 or use stun.

I dont have this quest where so you get it?

I believe that it’s in the city of Yelan, the city farthest west of the snowy region.

All of the bosses in the game can be defeated much more easily if you have an Arkadian with the timestrike ability (i.e Voltiger).  I killed each Leviathon in two hits using a Voltiger.  It does like 2000 or so damage a time at least.

 I use that too provided they survive the first strikes from the bosses. 

So I don’t put them in front line :slight_smile:

What do you get from this quest? I thought I did it already but I’m not sure lol. Does anyone know the actual quest name?