Diamonds only awarded once per pairing per 24 hours

It would appear an adjustment has been made to the VS PVP settings to only award diamonds to the first victor of a VS PVP match every 24 hours. So if player A fights Player B and Player A wins, Player A will receive Diamonds. But if they fight again and Player B wins, he gets a victory, but does not receive diamonds.

Since i had not seen this change announced anywhere i thought a forum post would be in order. I have tested this sufficiently to believe this is not a bug, though it is possible it is if the devs indicate this change was not intentional.

Consider this a PSA

You mean PvP against a friend or even random fights?

Against a friend

I guess they’re doing this to prevent people from trading wins

Probably, which makes sense. It should have been announced, but it is a legit change

This may have actually been a bug or glitch, more testing is necessary to determine

Hmm Slighter, I was still trading wins yesterday…

Yeah i remember trading wins before with ya tajid, sooo idk?