@devs, WHALES TREASURE event

Im playing the whales treasure event lvl1 on TAILS RIDGE region when it always disconnects me to the server(im halfway finishing it), ive finished all lvl 1 on the other regions except this one, hence kindly fix this else i canr finish this event, after it kicks me out to main screen i cant RE-ENTER any of the NEW EVENT SECTION hence i can play side-events(farming silver and fruits etc) but i can reenter it again after i close and reopen the app, please fix this asap,
My ID is 86671698

There is also a bug with the trainers. I defeated Vincent (wood trainer) twice but he is still undefeated and I cannot proceed to level 4.

Same for me just beat tail ridge trainer. Still locked and says I haven’t beat him

Same here for TAILS RIDGE region. I cannot proceed!

Devs need to fix this, kinda look unto this please??? We need reply from you guys

I can not proceed in the tail bridge! please fix the problem!

Same issue for me, I beat Ursus in the Pond of Rebirth twice but still cannot proceed.

Worked for me at the water one

10 compensation gems to everyone

I am so sorry for the issue.
It has been fixed now.

Thanks @Dev_VKC. I had to beat Ursus (Holy gatekeeper) a third time but this time it uncovered the level 4 battles.

I appreciate your effort.
Good job!