@devs. Earth's Whale's Treasure Boss bug.

@Dev_VKC I defeat Earth’s Whale’s Treasure boss but it’s like this. Could you help me? My Friend ID: 25090776

Did you really beat Vincent already? After beating Vincent the 4th level should appear.

Did the game crash before saving your process to the server?

Yep. I beat him. But it’s bug again… And when I transfer data from Emulator to phone? Yep. Back to Vincent again…

Then I don’t know, you have to wait for devs check your account.

Maybe try to restart the game and beat him again to see what happens?

Edit: maybe the device switching is the actual problem?

Sounds like this might be where the issue is. The game isn’t built to be transferred between devices regularly so things won’t always be synced properly. It happens with a bunch of things, including hatching monsters. So make sure you’re careful!


Thanks! What I have to do now?

Unfortunately all you can do is complete it again. The progress wasn’t saved before you transferred the data. You got lucky that it was a battle which costs 0 tickets!

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Yep. I completed that.