Dev's/Moderator/Admin. I have Token Bug please report this!

i Just want to Report my Current UC.,

everytime i used my token even if its 2/10 left

it wouldn’t use the 2 token…

i didn’t cheat or hack or didn’t do anything…

please fix this bug of mine…

i dont want to get banned for doing nothing… :frowning:

you mean you have infinite tries?

I think thats what he is trying to say :slight_smile:

it happend once for me but the next battle it took the token

Wait, I see what’s going on. This UC is actually different, now it only costs 1 thing per battle. You must’ve forgotten to look at your number between the 2 battles. :stuck_out_tongue:

 thought this to as i saw this thread but it actually happend to me after and i had 4 tickets witk 15 min and after the battle i had 4 tickets with 12 min (i left cause i made an mistake)

As micheal N sayd, pull a necrome

hahaha yeah that’s what i meant :slight_smile:

(sorry for my bad english)

but now the bug is fixed :slight_smile:

Thanks for concern Sir Hidan

happened to me too,basically I could lose to everyone infinite amount of time(bcoz the buff are too stronk),but eventually the amount will decrease and it will no longer be infinite