Ultimate Challenge tokens

@Dev_VKC I’m very concerned to see that people have got a different number of tokens for UC. I don’t know how many people this is affecting, but I currently see 3 people one win ahead of where it should be possible to be…

Only lvl 281 should be possible to complete by this point. I have 100% win rate and the event opened at 03:00 for me (6+7 tokens = 261, +20 from gatekeeper not taking a token = 281).


the token wont go to zero. It stays 1 even after playing

You can play the GK with the Tokens at 0, so they can be at 300 without problems. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Interesting, I never knew that!!

I’ll close this thread for now then. Everything is probably fine

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