Some People started with 6/10 Uc tokens, Devs!

Some People started with 6/10 Uc tokens, Devs!


Me too.

I am so sorry about this issue. This only occurs to certain players.
Please do me a favour to contact our support team, they will reset the ticket for you.
I promise this won’t happen again.

This happened to me -.-

Me too. Now you’re saying i have to send an email to get my 4 tix back. I’ll just carry on with disappointment…

Good to know we can get them back via support. I’m somehow 11th despite missing out on four tickets… I guess it happened to lots of the top scoring people!

I started a hour late and started with 7 tickets.

I started UC with 20 tickets. Thanks for giving me everyone else’s tickets @Dev_VKC :+1:

I got my tickets back within about an hour or so of sending the email.

i dont even know where to send the email to, never had to deal with support ever.

I think I had 10 cus I started like 7 hours late but then again it started at midnight for me

The timings really ■■■■ for Europeans devs. Could we get like an early start or something?

@Woodward I’m British here too. To be fair it starts at that time for Americans for practically every other event. We all have different start times that are convenient to us and I think the fact most start at 6am UTC is good because the awkward range where everyone is asleep (1am-6am) is sitting over the Atlantic.

Umm. I am in asia and ic starts for me at 4 a.m at night

My only problem is that having a head start that have a slight advantage; less competition

I’m having trouble contacting support from the app. It wants to connect to my email but isn’t doing it properly. Could someone please tell me the email address for the “Issues with Gameplay” so I can contact them from my email without needing the app involved?

Please contact our support team via the following email address.

Players can also message us through official Facebook page.

We are very sorry to cause any inconvenience and trouble.
This won’t happen again.

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6 tickets in total again!

Island Challenge is supposed to start with 6 tokens.
And the max tokens is 6.