[DEV REQUEST] Details of speed variance please?

As it says in the title basically. It’s honestly really important for pvp setups and it should be public knowledge really. It probably already was but we all forgot -_-

I think not knowing about speed is probably better - if they give away how it works we are likely to see the meta transform into a one trick pony that beats everything - I like the current variety at the moment

It’s not about variety but more about to fact sometimes a monsters who are slower outspeed “faster” mons. You can clearly see it with the give/team turn at the start of the game. Even with the twinkiller, DD, deodragon and oniblade you can see it. I had a fight where zephy who is slower than sarazeal outspeeding him at the start of the game.

Would also like to know how it works when 2 protectors are on the field and both used protect teammate how it’s decided which you hit. Love hitting one with poison touch then hitting the unpoisoned one with poison eater. It basically seems like it is designed to mess you About


Yh i would like to know that as well. When i’m in a situation like that i always use poison eater on the monster that is not poisoned and the one that is poisoned blocks it.

I think it should work so the one that used it last takes the damage and protect focus should prioritise over protect team mates but it doesn’t. It’s just random who you hit I think and it’s really annoying when one is poisoned or one has a high tu and you target one and hit the other

It seems they refuse to answer only Arthur knows so we have to wait for him to make a appearance

Last bump, if it isn’t answered then ima just let it die

I prefer to know how to compute the damage. Currently it really sucks.