Logical Analysis

I would like to discuss this:
Why Suikenshi with 67% speed has “Send Back” secret skill (250 seconds), while Drakion with 75% speed has “Fast Send Back” (59 seconds). Clarification, I have both monsters and neither of them awake.

because it is a resource to prevent a monster from getting the turn and in return suikenshi will not play again, dragulus can do it fast but he is not able to eliminate in all situations like shukenshi, shukenshi does not need more benefits he is already very strong compared to deagulus

Yeah #BuffSuikenshi
250 seconds is too much.

Basically it’s the designer showing they knew Suikenshi’s moveset is far better than Dragulus’ so it’s a “5th skill” on Suikenshi that is a rarely used bonus, while on Dragulus it’s an important skill for the moveset to help him not be too weak.

Also, I think knockback on Suikenshi might be a “placeholder” skill because they may want to use the focus passive on a future monster. If they do that they’ll need to give Suikenshi another unique skill/passive (all mythics have at least 1 thing unique to them) so it’ll be given a new SS and it won’t cause a problem with the moveset missing something important.

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Because that ability in Suikenshi is a luxury for him and a way to balance it is the high TU counts a lot because of that his SS and he doesn’t need it to survive . His Ss is very powerful in the right situation. In Drakion the ability is Fast send back for that it takes fewer seconds

Easy. One has focus, the other doesn’t. Against a team of AP spam or as part of a rocklock set up, even 250 can be totally worth it. Just ask my rocklock apprentice @NMEGaryOak


Thanks guys for your opinions.

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You back playing at all? or just teasing gary?

Neo is better without you slag, @LemonSqueezy

already has a unique ability,

you’re back, I’m glad, by the way 2 good matches a while ago although I had a mental error when stunning in the second

Stealthbreak? Prismegasus has that too

Probably he’s referring to the passive “Focus” (there’s stuff like Bond: Focus and Unwanted Power, but Suikenshi is the only one with just “Focus” as a passive)

I’m afraid not. I just logged in because I got pinged. I’m not playing.

I’m afraid that wasn’t me :sweat_smile:

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with the same name?

Yes . Exactly the same ability, that’s not Suik’s unique ability

i thought they were different, still making a unique suikenshi skill would be hard, it’s already very strong, don’t make it stronger

No need to do another unique ability for Suik since he has Focus as a passive.


SS- Elemental rebirth- he kills himself off and revived himself as a different element next in line with the same moveset. Basically makes him fit into more though out teams without ramping up his power level too much, but at the cost of a turn

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and the utility is?..