destructor not so op

I have yet to see why people say he is op. I one hit it pretty much everytime hes come up. Usually with luxknight or shadowlance. They just happen to be who is usually out when one comes up but have done it with almost all.

It’s OP when you don’t get to 1 hit kill it when it comes out :) 

Truer words have never been spoken

It’s all about strategy and having plans within plans.

I always count on my opponent screwing up at least one time during a battle

That’s usually my in

I cant say i always one hit it before it attacks but even when it does it only seems to kill my weaker ones or just one strong one.

I’ve killed 6+ monsters in 1 turn with Destructor before. 

I’ve gotten more :wink:

Oh, be quiet. I don’t need to be reminded :frowning:


But yeah, you all must realize that Destructor is powerful…but it is necessary to strategize and place him in a good spot.

With the correct strategy so far i believe most decent monsters can seem op. Stegospike for example if used right is amazing but just jamming him into your line up he wont do so well

ive killed about 9 to 12 of a guys lineup before with destructor because he got 4-5 bonus actions :smiley:

in one turn of course

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