Ban Destructor from PVP

Hello guys, I’m an active PVP player - managed to reach the top rankings few times. However I’m getting pissed off because of the power of Destructor that is just unbalanced. I got S ranked 99 Omegawyrm, I got a number of egg monster 10starts+ also S ranked, I do not have a destructor - never managed to do that even - personal stuff. Anyhow today I was having a game vs a guy with a single Destructor that had 5 times in a row bonus turn… logically I lost, however all other monster he had were terrible begginer monsters (7-8,5 stars). And this is not the first time something like this is happenning in PVP, so if you have similar experience of some ideas on the topics please share them.

I disagree. Destructor can be 1 hit killed with any holy monster (just about) and with metal slash. Very easy to counter. 

Now, the bonus actions are a different story. Even my beta team died to Tiberius’s Destructor that got 5 hits in a row with it. THAT is ridiculous.

Solution? Don’t ban Destructor from PvP. Cap bonus actions to just 1 per monster in PvP. 

I like that idea also Ashley

Ahahahaha. Yup. Definitely agree to the cap. While bonus actions are great in single player, they make PVP less about skill and monsters and more about luck.

Don’t ban nothing pvp is good as it is.I love luck base turns.

Won’t be saying that when a monster takes out your entire team due to bonuses.

The bonus can be a pain. As for destructor it can be wiped out if you have the right monsters. Going all dragons or mostly dragons for example can be your downfall lol.

If anything needs to be modified it’s stegos stats imo.

Stegospike stat is more op than destructor, Stegospike: unable tobe 1 hitted even by 2 dragon out by destructor OR by omegawyrm and he can permastun your whole party

The issue here is not with destructor, but with the binus action, bonus action SHOULD be capped

Destructor very easily countered, even by a weak holy monster like halopard

No, when I battle with some friends, our stegospikes fall as easily as other monsters. You just need to strategize a bit more.

But there will be nothing to strategize when the stegospike getany bonus action,he just need to stun, and theother clean up, believe me, we’ve fought once and you know i do strategize my line up

I had the same problem. I think bonuses should be limited and not have like four to five for a turn.

Even my A ranked Ark’s fall when I PVP and find the other player doing about five turns and knocking them all out.

I think is not the power of the Ark - a bit but not all of it-, but the more the luck and the hope of gaining turns to get the upper hand.

Toning it down wouldn’t be all that bad and would make the game -my opinion- more about deciding how to build your lineup

and team without luck.

Of course, why do you think I use it? ;).

Aye, I do. I am aware of the fact that Stegospike spells doom. Just gotta play it smart.


Actually stego doesnt.

I do.

Oh my god. (It took me three readings to get it, xD)

You’re not the only one…

Well, now you guys get it!


Well it’s capped at 75 I thought that way everyone is even? So wouldn’t that be the persons fault for not having the right strategy for every monster meanwhile I’m 20% wins 80% losses buuuut I know good and well how bad I suck :slight_smile: