Destructor dragonbane

So I have been noticing that when I use my destructors dragonbane and say their line up is blue heart, luxnight, and leviathan the damage from dragon bane will carry onto all of them as if they were all dragons, like I hit around 1400 to all of them. This has happened quite a bit. Is it suppose to apply to all monsters if only one dragon is out?

It’s an AoE thing. Not a bug.

That’s part of what makes Destructor good

Because he destructs things

I know it’s AOe but I used dragon bane on a blue heart before and it did minimal damage but when it’s Combo with a dragon in the line up it spikes up the damage is it suppose to be like that?
Like with no dragon I hit around 300 to all targets and when there is a dragon I hit around 14000 to all targets regardless if they are dragon or not

Hmmm…not sure. I generally avoid the dragonbane part

Yes that’s part of what makes destructor a 12 star monster. Personally, I like to use that move and it’s one of my best tactics In pvp. It’s fast, so u should be able to attack first and what I find in my opponents is they reallyyyy like to put dragons in their team( leviathan, wyrms, georex,etc) so dracobane works perfectly well for me. I usually put stunners like stormfox next to it so that it can flash bomb and let my destructor kill off another three of my opponent’s arks.:slight_smile:

This applies to anything like this, not just Destructor’s dracobane. If at least one enemy is a dragon, it will apply the extra damage to the whole field. Same for Saphireon’s stun killer. If just one enemy is a Raijin or Stegospike, it will apply the massive damage to the whole field. Same for dreamhunt (skullwraith), does massive damage to the whole team even if just one enemy is sleeping.

I can go on and on, it applies to anything with similar effects.