Question about farmin monsters

Hey guys, how do you farm 3x Frillzeon? You can get him only if you win it with a gold egg, Do you spend so much money or you found out another way to open eggs?
And for example I almost had my Destructer, just missin 1 Monster for the fusion how can I get him now?

They time eggs so that They can get what They want

As for your Destrutor question, you currently can not get another Deletroid in the meantime. They will most likely be released after the season (10 weeks of OM) are up.

Thank you for the quick answer! Tell me how to time it pleease :smiley:

Do i have to change my arkadion to low lvls or is it ok to remain my lvl 99s to catch the baby dragons? Cuz when i go in that four spot theres no battle.

When your standing on a spot you want to battle at tap the spot again while standing on it to fight right away, and repeat till you get what you want.