Delay uc

Why is uc starting half way through balancion. Specifically when it starts to get hard. It’s just gonna make starting uc awkward

You already have your UC team built from doing hell mode tho.

Slightly different

We have 8 team slots, I can’t see it being a problem. UC is pretty time intensive if you’re pushing high and Balancion’s Trials takes almost no effort… seems like a good match to me. UC even has its own tickets.

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I need the gems :gem::gem::heart_eyes:

If were gonna delay UC it should only be to consider banning the disaster that Tort will be :joy:


Ahhhh man thanks thanks for reminding me to put him in my team :smirk:

It’s gonna totally ruin it. I’ll need a way to kill it before gear does

Just knock it back i guess.

Its definitely going to be a game changer. But after 250 i usually have to restart every other match anyway because the front 6 are stun immune poison and i cant set up for sleep lock lol.

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