Death sentence all.

Just a quick question, soul stealer versus souls stealer.

What is the cut off limit for them going off at the same time? or will they always go off at the same time no matter what?

My monster has gone first twice, even with another monster in between, but they go off at the same time.

Will giving it more potions change that? Or it’s just the way it is?

Speed details are pinned up top.
Giving it potions will increase the likelihood of going first but the gap will be close enough for there to be a random factor still

I know that, what I mean is I use death sentence first. But the actual move goes off at the same time even if the other team used it slightly after me.

Does there need to be a certain turn gap to change that? Or it will just always happen.

The exact situation was my soulstealer, protect turtle, their soulstealer. Death all went off at the same time.

That depends on the seconds that have past and will pass after the last monsters turn before the death sentence is about to go off. That sounds a little bit like nothing, but here’s how it basically works:

The death sentence timer will go off after 320 seconds after its use, right?

You use it - 320 timer is on. 

You’re opponent uses it (lets say 10 TU seconds later) 320 timer is on, while yours is now on 310 seconds left. 

Seconds will pass, and lets say this is the following possible situation: 

You’re timer has only 20 seconds left to go off. This means your opponents monster has 30 seconds left before it goes off. But if the next monsters turn is 50 seconds TU away, that means it’ll trigger both because both timers have run out.

It’s all about narrow seconds in this case. Preventable, but you sure need to calculate it all the way through and there’s quite some luck involved. 

So basically the timer calculates if the time has passed, but it’s only actually implemented on an actual monsters turn? So anything including and up to that turn will count?

If that’s how it is I’ll probably leave him as he is, too fine margins to worry about.

Thanks for the explanation

Yep, that is correct. It’ll be activated on a monsters turn and then those total seconds are calculated.