Death Revenge = Payback Revenge?

Apollo’s death revenge hits the one that killed it 8 times out of 10, So why not make it payback revenge?

It’s just him. I have noticed that for a while and I’m sure no one’s complaining about it because they like it.

But I am suprised @NMEGaryOak is not talking about it.


Since he’s my only one, I have to take what I get I suppose

Indeed it is, maybe not as much as the egg system though

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yeah single survivor monsters need a small buff because they are out shined by double survivors and that just screams powercreep which is sad. This was one of my favourite monsters when I first started the game: image


They got buffed by having their TU reduced from 130 to 80… that’s huge!


They could get drain survivor.

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They still need to be better.

You simply cant have a monster on your team that does nothing for 320 sec.

The only time i see talo is in void team to give void shield and accelerate. And be used for her ritual skill


Or in an azra team for the same purpose.

Put him with all that AP Spam. 320 seconds Is nothing.

Chronotitan does exactly this. Geartyrant is also similar in function.

These monsters are geared more towards PvE settings, like most monsters who want lots of time to be passed. Apollo and Talo have use in particular PvP teams for the very high speed shield and accelerate. They’re not top-tier PvP monsters but so are most monsters.

My original DR team was Stratus Apollo Talo Ultima FL with Auro at 5. Those were the days :weary:

Back in my day People were running godfeather along thunder monsters.


Spam Accellerate team, with Nova backing him up with Elem Shield Ally and He does a lot more than you think!

Ooh look the one that annoyed me when I faced Atrahasis, nice

Thanx i never knew that.

You’re welcome!

Oh and i found out that if you use swift cannibalize from azra it becomes a viable strategy just like what @squinty1880 said.

I’ll keep that in mind when I get a cannibalize monster