Death Chicken Vs Rexo

So I got both of em, thought we shud compare em xD Heard a lot that the chicken is a poor mans Rexo but I kinda disagree xD

•Death Chicken:
Active Skills:
Blood fury
Poison touch

Poison revenge

Attack: 4450

Active Skills:
Sudden Suicide (Death)

Passive skills:


Personally, I believe Chicken to be the real King. First of all he is extremely quick, generally the first monster to do his move which is usually assassinate so 2 quick n easy kills to get blood fury going. You could argue that apart from that, Rexo has the better stats but honestly once you get bloodfury going, those stats become irrelevant I would say. Not to mention that Chicken is also an OP monster to have in a poison team xD Rexo has time strike but no poison revenge, chicken lacks time strike yet has poison revenge. Kinda ironic xD

My verdict is that Chicken >>>> Rexo, What do you guys think?

The chicken was strong when a protecter in the rexo team

Im stay with death chicken lol.

  • low costs
  • his assassinate can one shot or put some legendaries to HG (as I know now is Sanctallion Soulstealer Rexotyrant)
  • great frontliner (he’s so fast)
  • his bloodfury also one shot enemies (if they not water type). :smiley:

Anyway, If I got rexo from rare egg… I’d love to lol.

In this kind uc i want rexo, suddend death is for love

Maybe it’s because I’m mis-remembering and this is only based off buffed monsters, but I find Assasinate rarely one shots anyone thing over Epic, with SE protectors tending to survive 2-3 hits.

The Poison Touch is great for hold grounders though, and the Poison Revenge is very handy too.

I took death chicken out of my line up because poison revenge kept screwing up my main strategy with soul stealer and gold tail.

Death chicken is very situational but if the situation presents itself, its way better than rexo. DC has very good synergy with a poison comp it seems and struggles with sleep teams just something to keep in mind. Btw i have both rexo and chicken both great mons.