Did it again....

So i started with the 3rd stage this week in hopes of getting a Omegamind and i completed… Took a few tries but i got heres my team below with that being said who do you think i should 6*?

The ones that are fully trained and can be instantly 6* once i collect the silver are…  Geomegus,Talosquire,Flarewing,Necrowing,Deodrake,Cyberwyrm, and Crysdrake… Others are close

Go rexo. If not him then shadowyrm.

Shadowrym thats necrowing correct.

just curious to the benefit of them 

Yes that’s right.

He gets stun immunity and makes it so that he 2 shots aegisdragon. The stat buffs he gets are worth it.

Rexo gets timestrike. Which means that you have a more reliable way to set up bloodfury.

i see Necro it is … Rexo is just not far along enough LOLZ

btw Thanks!!!

You’re welcome.

after those two, you should go with either serapheon(forgot the second form’s name), dolphlare, or the timestrikers. They get hold ground, summon entrance, and an upgrade to shocking entrance respectively, great assets to have.

awesome thanks for giving me my next task but quick question i have since added Astra, Coldfeatther, Springdrak, Shadowkit and Dreadghoul still the same monsters or switch to one of these… Springdrak seems so promising with his skill set.

Hard to keep sleep team with your current team cost,
I would rather aiming main key monster first
That would be serapheon , rexo , duskrider, atra