Dear Devs...

Great changes in the PVP environment

This argument it’s getting sooooooo old

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I have a favor to ask you. Can you show me that lemon strategy

Nope. Better to be dead with me. are crazy now. take some rest . hahahaha.

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To me mythics are a great addition as a concept but
And its a big BUT why would they make some mythics trash as hell before UE while legend are super op before UE also why woul their second form be broken af while some of the mythics are trash af and lets not talk about awakened which is the top of stupidity

I think that everyone agrees with me that devs started to get hungry for money when they added mythics

I used to play before mythics were added and there was a big problem which was the gacha cost 50gems for 10eggs
Ig the complaints of players made them change it to 40/10 but that wasnt gd for their pocket and they added the mythics

I rly hate the obsess of money that they have
Im not saying they shouldnt want money but like getting 4 of the same mythics is like paying no small sum
I would like the game to go back to the way it was before but thats just impossible but the balance should be fixed
Ill give the name of 1 of the 2 mythic i have for now its azida (second form) she is the trash of trash she’s like sakura trash in first form but when in second form she is strong af

Anyways ik im a bit harsh with words and i might get some hate for this but lets be real damn it :confused::joy:

Well the concept of mythic itself needs to be fixed.Like we spend nearly a thousand dollars just to awaken a myth is greedy to the core.Abd then game became even more greedy and slowly started to release female myths like with deviladus and novemdonia and when there was no backlash with it they just released naked thots…Pls atleast fix this ■■■■ inorder for me to even bother playing this game again

Btw and also devs do you how embarassing to play this game in public because of those thots…uhh.

Phew thats it for my rant

They lowered the cost of eggs at the same time as adding mythics. It was a rebalancing of the structure.

You’re right about the inconsistency with the power level of 2nd form / 3rd form mythics when comparing them to other mythics and to legendaries. I can imagine it’s very hard for the designers to get right.

Well its a lost cause anyways so ig no need to roam aroind it anymore since money is one of the problems here

Atleast it aint like evertale🤑


I see a big difference between the community of players with whom I do not and do not understand the cause, perhaps it is because paid players depend a lot on brute force to have money to awaken the mythical and those who do not more than intelligence to create a strategy that exceeds brute force I do not understand the need for nerf in players who are often not in the first 3 so they are not invincible thanks to a particular monster that needs to be nerfed that should only be done in a strategy that is not could not be defeated in any way, therefore whenever there is a player or a strategy capable of beating him in nerf it does not make sense, they should use their head and not money and I really hope that the differences in the community are resolved since it is not healthy by either of the 2 parts
(I would appreciate it if you did not delete my comment but since I do not think you will enjoy it while it lasts)

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This makes it look like spenders a sort of criminal lobby that uses the money they get through extortion to buy more monsters, but I think I get what you mean: spenders depend from the stats advantage they gain from Mythics.

Well, they DO benefit from it, but it’s not like ALL spenders are like “ooga booga me use strong monster with big stats”. In order to be a top player, you NEED to strategize, money alone can’t get you top 10. It sure gives you a help though.

I don’t understand this part: you’re saying that top players should not ask for nerfs because no strategy is invincible?

Why would the mods cancel this comment, there’s nothing offensive in it

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Exactly, it is not logical to ask for nerf unless it is impossible to beat a strategy which would mean that you are top 1 because if you are top 2 there is already a superior strategy so the nerf loses sense

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That’s an extreme point of view. So, if there was ONLY ONE person in the world that can beat one strategy, there’s no need to nerf it? What about ALL the other players? Do they have to shut up and keep losing to an overpowered strategy?

Plus, ranking depends on the number of matches you do, so a person with a 100% win rate that can’t play all day will finish 2nd place if there’s a person with a 95% win rate that plays the max number of matches possible. You’re NOT guaranteed the n°1 player has the best strategy among all players.

Not to mention, balancing a game, especially one like Neo Monsters which has monsters in the hundreds, takes plenty of factors into account, with the enjoyment of the playerbase and the economic return being the two major factors.

Nerfing/buffing a single monster can have enormous repercussions, since it indirectly affects the monster’s counters and the monsters it’s effective against. Not to mention nerfing/buffing a single strategy. Things are not that simple.

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And indeed if a player is the only one who manages to beat one who defends me that the rest cannot, what does that one have that the other does not have

Most likely money lmao

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then you understand what you have to adjust and not spend your life doing nerf

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I understand, it’s survival of the fittest: you either invest your life savings in beating an OP strategy that no one else can defeat or you are screwed. Now I see things clearly.

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You are right, I should adjust my team putting all most broken monsters like Lemon. :rofl: