Problem in Showdown at Old Corrolan

Its so hard to complete showdown at Old Coloran Showdown since that monster gets triple posion eater usually he could only kill one monster at a time now he is kill 3 they need to remove him and add another poison monster


@Dev_VKC Would it be possible to swap Tridrakhan for another monster?

Lmao the number of times this thread has popped up. Not that I’m blaming them. The changes to monsters are a hassle

Yeah, pre-set battles like this are really bad in the long run. It also doesn’t help that new players are encouraged to do this story event so they’re not as experienced in figuring out how to win the battles!

The battles aren’t impossible but it is high lvl decision making which is hard for new players I guess
I completed the event again
They need to line up things perfectly and use purify, stealth teammate on Penguinator when necessary


I did this in my new acc and it took me 2 weeks but I would agree it getting changed

I did it all on my first day and it was a bit hard tho after watching a video on yt i figured out it wasn’t that hard just focus on the pattern and u can do it😁

Actually its all easy decisions until both of the penguins are on the field


Thank you for reporting. We will take a look the balance and adjust the monster.


Thank you

Tridrakhan has been replaced by Blacktitan.



Much easier now😁