Damage cap

So why is there a damage cap of about 30k on bloodthirst? Seems kinda random get gem how hard it is to charge that high. It should be higher or non existent imo. It would make uc more fun. Any opinions?

From where do you have the information of that? I have watched higher numbers of 30k in some rare cases

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I did an experiment with lunartic and cloners. It refused to go higher than 28k no matter how long it went on for

Interesting did you test that only on a single monster ? Some bloodlust are weaker than of others because of monsters stats. In the end it’s a multiplicator, but I would disagree it is capped for all monster on 30k

There are only three damage multipliers for bloodthirst and bloodlust:
0 kills
1 kill
2 kills
Beyond that it won’t increase.

Bloodcrave and Bloodfury will increase with every kill indefinitely.

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I believe crescendo strike also has a cap.

Also bb’s bloodthirst does get slightly stronger from 2 kills to 3, making it possible to still make 1 hit kills beyond 1000 in uc. Or is this talk about single bloodthirst?

Lunartic in case you’re wkndering

Never found a cap on crescendo moves. As far as I’m aware they just keep going up too! If I’m wrong then the cap may be 99 or 100, which might be the same for bloodcrave/fury too.

Double bloodthirst increases up to 4 kills. Single bloodthirst is up to 2 kills.

That’s so silly. There should be no cap

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Raw bloodthirst on null seems to have a higher cap if any as well based on me executing rockoids then using raw bloodthirst. I may be wrong.

Nulltron has got a larger damage multiplier on raw bloodthirst than other bloodthirst monsters. The damage is higher, but still caps at 2 kills.