Void damage

Its a general question as i tried void for UC and it took ages till it was able to oneshot the enemies at level 540… Void had like 40 kills ( 2 sanct + bloodclone + auro + void = stunlock) @Killerdog, can u say something about damage ? Like emeraldeus oneshots enemies at level 700 after way less kills

The damage doesn’t get any higher after 3 kills.

Bloodthirst cap = 2 kills
Bloodlust cap = 2 kills
Bloodbath cap = 3 kills
Double bloodthirst cap = 4 kills
Berserk smash cap = 1 kill

Bloodcrave and Bloodfury (double hitting variants too) have no cap. Certain variants / monsters have different multipliers added for the first couple of kills but ultimately the power increases by the same amount after each kill.