Crownwalker event

Anyone know what the odds of it appearing are?

I’ve so far attempted it 7 times and still yet to see one, which seems insane. I’ve postponed the SofT event (given we have a while on that one and I think I should hit my ceiling well before the deadline anyway) but it’s getting a bit frustrating now.

Previous two events I got it at the second time of trying on both occasions. Don’t know if I was very lucky those times, incredibly unlucky this time or a bit of both.

For me, second then first. I think I’ll skip this one though, I don’t have a single guy that actually needs it, and I’d rater focus on sotf.

I’ve only done one crown event and I got it on the first try. Not sure if I’ll go for this once since I don’t have any monsters to evolve with it.

Yes no monster to evolve with useless same as omegamid

Anyone got two? After the first one on the very first crown event, I never got second. Does it mean we could only have one?

I have two.

I haven’t used either and it’s probably not likely I’ll ever need three, but I’d rather not be in the incredibly unlikely situation where I get super lucky and get a bunch of legends who need it, only to not have one.

I’d give up on this one for now but I’m genuinely curious how many attempts it will take. Will still have a week after the event to do SotF so no harm really I guess. 

You do realise Omegamid’s are used to evolve the majority of legends, right?

You can only capture 1 per event

First try… last time it were about 10. Have two now.

I have one mon which needs this… so one spare.

Yes. I have two from previous events.

I’ve found 0 from 9 attempts now. This event is frankly a waste of time (and tickets).

Save tickets for survival imo… me i wont do that event coz i dont have the neccesary monster for evolutioe, i totally agree with you, such a waste ryt?

Gonna call it now, having gone 0 from 10.

I am genuinely curious what the odds are though. They must be so low it’s not even remotely close to being worth it unless you desperately need one.

First time I did it I got one. I don’t even need it.

Any idea how often these events will happen?  I just got two legedaries who need Crowns (Bovolk + the double dreamhunt guy) but I have no Crowns.