No event?

Crownwalker you mean? It’s still 42 minutes ahead from your post.

No it says it starts at 1am
Got one first try. Am I lucky or is this just easy??

probably lucky :stuck_out_tongue: let’s see doing my second attempt now, well two attempts and no luck so I guess you got lucky

I got it at second try👍🏻

One attempt and got it :slight_smile: i’m lucky too

Took me like 7 tries -___-

I posted that 15 minutes after 1am EST lol

Currently 7:47. Posted about 6.5 hours ag .

I was responding to the guy who said it starts at 2 basically 

My apologies. :slight_smile:

I have completed the challenge and it won’t let me play again but no monster. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Out of tickets?

Got one on the first run. He was in the boss battle party. Too bad I don’t have the creature for it.

Got it on my first try as well

What do you mean? What creature do you need for it?

I special legendary that you could get during the festival egg that ended today.

He’s saying you need a creature for it though

the crownthing his an ingredient to ultra evolve ziberius ( the legendary)

Got it second try. Battle wise, this thing is pretty much a dark version of omegamid.

Ahh Gotcha