Lengendary Crown Event

What is this mysterious crown used for, they are planning to do a special event for?
Ziberius or so?

and the other “first ones” i assume. they will probably be released in the near future. ziberius would just be the first in this case.

I really wonder how long it might take to get one of these things. They even guarantee you get one if you can kill it so the challenge isn’t catching it like most material monsters.

This means the chance of finding one is like 1 percent probably if not lower

Crystalmouth chance divided by 1000…

Funny guy. If that’d be true :joy:

Crystalmouth chance divided by 1000…

Funny thing is, it probably is the only monster in the roster. It probably has something like last bite, exceptional AI, cannibalize and hold ground with 25k hp.

Crystalmouth chance divided by 1000…

Oh no no no…thinking about that tilts me ;D

I hope i can get the ingredient… I need it to ultraevolve Ziberius…

I wish I could get something other than an epic during this festival egg. 2 vegikits, one spider bomb and, fortunately, a robofin.

Can’t use the cool ingredient monster if I don’t get the monster to use it on :frowning:

I’m saving gems in order to get one I want to evolve ziberius real bad lol

I don’t get why we need one more useless ingredient if we have not even have enough space for catchable monsters, I always get an pop up that says I have to many monsters and I need to delete some if I want to play on! I never know how many I have to delete and so on and now there is one more ingredient monster that takes one place…I don’t get this

Go to list view you can have exactly 13 pages full of monsters.

My god I hope not. He probably has a team around him though. I hope at least.

How do I handle problems with gem purchases?

Contact Neo Monsters on facebook messenger or send an email to shopsupport@zigzagme.net. On facebook they will respond faster.

It’s dumb to have an new ingredient for a monsters that only a few players have. Instead of putting useless stuff they could add a tower event with one of the super epic that aren’t release since we didn’t get the pvp or letting us redo the offline fight like drekyar and beritus.

Thanks, that at least a little, but it’s the devs job to clarify this things. Do you know why a monster capture game has limited monster slots? This is ludicrous, like Pokemon would have only slots for 100 Pokemon lol

I doubt the crownwalker will be used just to evolve zibel. It adds to the evolution process making it harder so you can not just farm endless amounts of ingredients. This means it is not useless and I would still grab one if you do not have zibel. They just gave us a new super epic last week. PVP will come back again once they figure out the issues with it. I assume the story mode will continue here soon.

Still don’t see the point of having an ingredient for ONE legendary ( at the moment) who is not more special than atrahasis or aegisdragon and having an event just for that? come on. I don’t really care about about a new super epic but it would have been nice to have a event instead of the pvp failure. How long has it been since the last fight for the invasion? The side mission and the dojo are bad, boring and easy. The point of what i’m saying that they just add poorly made stuff or useless and don’t give what we’ve been asking for months.

The ingredient monster is a great idea as it makes evolution harder and means you can not ultra evolve things whenever you want. The side quest and dojo are for newer players and are actually quite useful for them. Yes there needs to be more events and stuff to do for older players, but they are probably working on something. The last update had a lot in it and I am sure the next one will as well. If they released chapter 7 tomorrow then a lot of people would be done with it in a day and then people would start complaining about having nothing to do again. The devs do listen to us, and fix issues. Remember how useless Dolph was before the last update?

The funnier with this event is that they say you have a chance to get the crownthing. So for the unlucky player they’ll have to wait weeks or months to get an other chance for this ingredient. It wouldn’t be a bad thing if the event let use get crtystalmouth and omegamind. The chapter 7 would take more times than that to be done you need so much ticket to get in the the mission. The last uptade was a lot of ( good) balance but no offline story or online misssion but a dojo who is poorly made even for a newer player. I see your point but why the ingredient should be more annoying as it is right now.