Since the devs have given out the awards for the last tournament, can see friends with the crown but is there anyway you can see your own crown?

As far as I can tell no. 

You can see your own crown I can see mine
It’s under your shared monster
Pretty happy about the new monster in tournament deffs going to get me one

They updated it, I can see it as well now. 

Also I called that it would be sleep entrance XD

One random monster only lol

Yup, can see it now - they must have just updated it - new monster does look pretty awesome and we should all have the free gems from this last event / fire trial / new challenge to make the top 50 without spending!

Technically, that counts as spending though.

I’d define that as spending in my book.

If you’re using gems, you’re spending. Doesn’t matter if the gems were free. They need to find a way to run the events without them, but have no incentive to do so. It would actually be bad for THEM.

Can’t let actual competition get in the way of profits.

You don’t have to spend much if you don’t lose, but it’s impossible to finish the event without spending
It’s not good at all I really really hope pvp is free no money nothing just good battles with prizes
We can complain about the spending all we want but they will not just give stuff away look at coc that game costs way way way more than this one
All we can do is be given more ways to progress and gain rewards without having to spend to get those rewards a person without spending should be able to reach the top of the tower with only the gems they earn in the tower

Yeah. It’s a super poor system when you can’t even finish it without spending. And I guess you don’t have to spend much to hit top 50. I think the ones from this event all spent a mininum of 3, but that’s not the point. You shouldn’t be ably to pay to top. Period. I started the event the minute it opened. My orbs NEVER capped out. I didn’t lose a single fight, and I finished in the 170’s. Really doubting many people who finished above that rank could say the same.

I’m sure they’re all great and dedicated players, but the fact remains that the top 100 ALL spent. Every one of them. Multiple times. And that is totally their right - they’re operating within the system and doing what they can to gain an advantage. But it’s a busted system for something that’s supposed to be a competition.

The orbs were great. They gave everyone a level starting point, but people bought refills IMMEDIATELY.

I don’t know. I still got good rewards. I’m still having fun. I still like the game. Maybe the people who spend and support the game do deserve a little extra, but surely they can find a better place to implement that than a competitive event.

The spending should be left out of competitive battles it should only be there if you want to rush but without it you could reach the top of the tower if you don’t lose much or at all
spending is fine if you want to rush but shouldn’t be the only way to complete all floors in a tower amd the top of the tower should have a really good prize like 100 gems

I don’t think it really matters. Even if it was a level playing field with not buying orbs, the people who spend hundreds/thousands will of course have a much better team and win anyway despite probably not being one of the better players. The only way they could make a fair competition is to give everyone the same pool of mons and have no orb purchases - that would be a competition based only on skill not who’s spent the most. No money in that, though, so I doubt it would happen.

I mean you’re right, and I absolutely know that you’re right. Somehow that’s just a different matter in my mind though.

I see a big distinction between investing in your team and paying to advance your rank.

Like I said, you’re right. 90+% of those people would probably still be in the top with or without the ability to refill just because their teams have the capability to go further. But for whatever reason that makes sense to me. I guess it’s because you can still compete with their strength with skill and strategy. There’s a way around it.
If someone doesn’t want to refill, they will never beat someone who does.

I think the problem is that there’s a ticket cost to compete in the first place, but without that you end with with another ‘race to the finish’ dungeon like hunter island.

Honestly I don’t know the best way to make an event like this great and balanced for everyone, and I won’t pretend to. People who invest more time and money will always have an advantage. This is really a ‘top of the board’ issue that affects a very small number of players. The events as a whole are GREAT for a huge number of people and are way more accessable than events in say hunter island where only a very small number of people could even get the event monster. I’m glad that this system is much more inclusive, and I will never have to worry about being unable to get the event monster based on my merit.

I think it works pretty well in general if you’re just looking to get the monster prize - that’s pretty accessible to anyone with a bit of experience and a few super epics. I missed a day or two of the event and still reached the level to get the mon, plus the tier 2 prizes.

My only issue is that it’s just not that enjoyable to do. The battles only get interesting in the higher floors and I won’t pay to get there. A competitive - free to play - element would definitely add a lot.

Definitely agree. Like lochi jas been saying, I think it’s crazy that the event can’t even almost be completed without spending gems.