critical fast strike

right now i had a fight in survival of the tickets.

first round:

my lavaronix’s turn was 1 second after chronox. he got OH KO by chronox fast strike.

because of what? luck?

i dont care about this specific kill (i won the battle easily). but i think this is not the purpose of a critical hit.

“oh i have luck, the first turn and there is something i can oneshot…”

maybe faststrike should only be allowed after 50 seconds after battle begun?

It’s too early to nerf chronox. We don’t know how good he will be in pvp.

its not only chronox, it is fast strike.

principally i dont think a move should be able to one shot without a good reason

It’s main purpose is a skip counter.

Fast strike actually got a buff last update as it was found underwhelming.

chronox can still be counter

Kong can one shot a lot of things first move
Robin can one shot things first move
Gaiawolf can one shot many electric monsters first move
Bunny can stun pulse and set up many monsters to timestrike first move

All of those monsters are fast and can kill your monster before it gets a turn. Fast strike is just another addition to help counter skipping and other moves.

You have to kill him first before he can strike you fast

Kong has to kill one of your own monster

deatchchicken assasinate needs a protector

gaiawolf needs a electric monster and deals damage to itself

thats all ok in my opinion, but free kill just because of the battle start and maybe the random order at the beginning… i dont know…

of course it doesnt decide battles, but its a lil bit unfair

im feel like fast strike is a bit to much now i get one shoted even if i 35 sec behind chronox i feel like this is a bit op it should deal less damage at this point, 20 sec would be a good time to make one shots but 35 secs

remember all those chronox are buffed up in the SotF event.

oh yeah forgot about that ':smiley:

sry for that :smiley:

I’m getting a bit confused - does one of the mons/legends have it too or is just Chronox for now? I’m sure I remember using it with another mon from a friend monster.

t was definitely a bit underwhelming before the update, but equally it seems a bit OP now - I don’t mind it one shotting when you’re sub 10s away, but it one-shotted my legend at ~30s away in the SoTF event, at around floor 12-15 I think, where the buffs didn’t seem particularly noticeable.

My question is - what range is considered critical, and how rapidly does it lose power - ie, does it destroy at 30s but only do half damage at 35 and nothing at 40, or is a slower decline in damage the further away?

I feel like it could be insane once it’s evolved if it’s one shotting everything within 30-40s of it.

Banedragon has it too. I’ve actually found that faststrike is an insane move to have on the frontline, since all 8 front mons are usually sandwiched together right at the beginning. Banedragon however doesn’t want to be on the frontline, with his whole poison enterance thing going. I’m hoping Chronozeros won’t force that choice though.

I’m actually kinda worried that chronox will have very high speed. Being able to one shot any monster in the front line at 90 speed is actually ridiculous. That’s just speculation though.