Act 4 needs a difficulty bump


Act 2 and 3 were basically completed on auto the whole time. Compared to act 1 the difficulty goes waaaaaay down, and it’s kinda anticlimactic as a result.

Also, something that a lot of people are asking for, return it to the open world format if possible. You dont even need to make an entirely new world, just tweak the Bush spawns and add quest markers in various places to trigger the corresponding fights. At least that’s what I would do anyway, I’m no game developer after all, but you see my point. You’ve got a good game so far, but most of the complaints stem from the difference between act 1 and act 2/3.


Agree about both the difficult thing and the open world theme


Devs have said during beta there will probably be a “hard mode” option in the future. Let’s just say if the bosses were left as they were in beta version 1, there would have been a lot more complaints on the forum :stuck_out_tongue:


Agreed, every match was on auto except the very last one… AI was not smart enough to handle that match… Although it is nice having easy enough matches for ai to play for people wanting to do other things at the same time.

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Completely agree with it… I would really love to see the old open world style and make the difficulty of the boss harder… Keep the storyline direct and the conversation shorter…


More puzzle bosses pls.

Make them mana free.


wh3n is act 4 going to be released, its killing me hahaha


Check the ingame news