Could I Beat Beretis Argvel With My Current Team???

Well, finally I finished the grand four test and went up to defeat the champion Beretis. However, am really not sure if i can win against someone who threatens his foes with the phrase “dragon Food”. What I need is for U to tell me if my current team is capable in any form whether it is line up, strategy, skills or simply new monsters. I attached my line up to this post. I’m really new so i don’t know if the image is gonna be displayed or u’ll have to download. Anyways, Thx in advance!!!

Post your team in rate and build my team

What do u mean? explain more if possible…

You need death roullette.
Try find some in 2nd and tropical island
A rhino and puxxofish

there’s a pinned thread called rate/build my team at the top if the list. You know the ten or so threads always at the top that have “pinned” on them? Should be there.
And bro, you gotta quit using that font. It’s really hard to read.

font seems better now, it was some monotype corsiva-ish font before