Content Not Downloaded???

I just updated the game and I get this message.
What am I supposed to do?Where can I download the additional content?
Or does it download automatically?

Try restarting the app until you can connect to online. I had the same problem but after a couple of restarts it started working normally.
And don’t rush to the home screen when restarting, just wait until your restore code is shown on the start-up screen.

It’s downloaded automatically. Just wait for a minute I think, depending on your connection, it can be faster or slower. Once downloaded successfully, you can access online contents as usual.

I had to restart twice so don’t worry, you’ll be fine

Yeah I figured it out,BUT after I closed the game,it went back again to installing(I’m on iOS).So I had to reinstall the game.Lost the saves in process.However I had backup.But it was not the latest backup.:pensive:
If I remember correctly I caught a stun bomb monster from Wild after taking back up.
Now I don’t mind if I loose that monster.

My Question:
I have already sent email to support for renewing the code
I want to know if that will I loose progress if I continue to play on old saves.(ie will the changes I make in old saves be there in restored data??)

Plz help me out here,I want to play survival of fittest challange but will have to wait if changes donot apply to restored data.

I’m having the same trouble. I’ve already restarted about 7x and I don’t want to miss out on the SoTF. Any suggestions?

ignore this.

I most certainly will NOT

Just give it some time,Don’t restart it very quickly.Wait for a few minutes till they get downloaded.
Also if u have completed story mode u can access online content by clicking on button for online content (start button)

@The Death Legion yeah I figured that out, but now it won’t let me do the island challenge, online story mode, or those episodes in the homescreen.

Try it with reliable Internet connection.It generally happens when connection is not good enough.