Bug? At dowloading internal data

I am new to the game, take advantage of the fact that it is free in the playstore, and as you know, after downloading the app in google play, in order to hatch eggs and play online you must download certain files, my problem is that the download speed is o very slow or nonexistent. I have already checked my connection and everything is in order, I even played a game of cod mobile at 54 ms, the problem does not come from my connection, I already restarted my device (android 10) I cleaned cache, deleted data and restored mine, I could only hatch an egg with the gems you win in story mode once? What can I do to solve this problem, or where can I download the files externally? The game has me hooked, but I can’t enjoy it properly, I appreciate your help in advance

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Try reinstalling . If it doesn’t work , switch the type of internet connection u r on . I mean , if u r on wifi try downloading with mobile internet or vice versa.

Or try an even faster wifi , maybe u could steal some at your friend’s house or something.

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I will try to reinstall it from playstore, I even just downloaded evertale and I had no problem, I insist, it is not my internet connection, I can play cod mobile without problems and it is a game that in theory is much more demanding

I’m not sure exactly which point you’re at in the installation but I recommend waiting for a long time to see if it ever gets there. I know some people have trouble with installation things after updates and such and have to wait a while until it gets through it. If nothing changes after 10+ minutes then maybe it’s a device compatibility issue and you should try contacting support.

I have already seen cases like this in which the download seems to be stopped, insist and keep the download for a period of 20 if not advanced wait for a better connection but in some devices even with a good one it would count about 10-20 minutes