Collecting Gems


I’m new to neo monster and I’m having problem collecting gems in the events specially since my monster are still pretty weak. Can someone give me some tips how to gather gems especially for the limited pack. I want a legendary​:sob::sob:


The story will get you some gems and your hero rank up, which will also get you gems in the achievement section.

The bi weekly battles will allow you to get some gems by using other teams, so that will help if yours is weak.

Island challenge (when it’s out) will also allow you to do the same.

The egg events like this one are fairly regular, so if you’re not able to get enough this time, save them for the next one.

There are some really good super epics which will be released in events so do your best to get those to build your team and also take advantage of the legendaries you can get from the game such as Chronozeros and NoxDragon. The starters evolved to super epic are particularly good too


Thank you​:grin::grin:. One last question, which super epic starter do you think is better?


Galv is the one you want first. Then Rex. Then Verd. Then Wolf.

You can get them all from the online monster Hunting mission.

Just dont evolve Galv to his 5* until you have +9 potted him with epic potions.




Why what? Why Galv?

Because in final form he has stun pulse, hold ground, and protector killer. And is immensely useful in a ton of combos.

Rexkong is next because his throw comes first and can obliterate almost anything on an opponent’s frontline. So it can beat Azra and ruin your opponents day.

But again, you can get any of them in the online mission so dont sweat it. Pot the one you want +9 before you UE it, and dont pot any of them until you’ve decided thats the one you want to UE.

And UE chronozeros first. But only after you have SE potted him +9. Dont UE him until you have +9 him with 5* potions.

The starters take 4* potions before their 5* form, and chronozeros takes 5* potions before his 6* form.

But chronozeros will take all your 4* starters so either fully pot and evolve to 5* or do chronozeros first.


They use the rarer potions once you evolve them to 5*. Same goes for Chronox when you make it go from 5* -> 6*.

Rexkong is only great for PvP. I’d recommend you get Viridarzon second unless you really want something good for PvP. Galvbane is the best all-round.


Is ultra-evolving quest the only one that can give the ingredient in ultra evolving into super epic starter? Or they create other events similar to that?


Chamber of the statue is the only place you can get Moaliths. It comes around every 16 days, so you don’t have too long to wait each time. You will need 9 in total and then it is used for a few secret skills on legendaries.


Do they also release some kind of event where lots of gems can be obtained even for those who are new to this game? I tried the biweekly challenge but I can’t seem to use the monsters very well because I’m not familiar with the moves and their passives and their secret skills😭


Whales treasure. You can use a friend monster and in each elements dungeon your monsters and enemy monsters are both buffed.