Does anyone already evolved him? Can you post his stats and skill set guys

Don’t think anyone is there yet.

Mine is supposed to be today, but i stopped playing for 2 days

Today is supposed to be the first day possible iirc. When chronozar was obtained I was only at 36 days, now I’m at 51.

Maybe he got meganova all, fast strike, timestrike all, and time strike.

The lord of time

No, I believe his move set is time strike all, fast strike all, and possibly stun counter. It would show another box if he had a fourth move, which it doesn’t

That’s because he’s been ultra evolved before. He’ll probably get a fourth move. Not sure about a second passive though

Whixz has evolved it. Guess what’s the last skill? :wink:

He gets bloodthirst :smiley:

So his moveset is:

  • Faststrike

  • Timestrike all

  • AoE

  • Blood thirst

  • Stun immune

Oh and his attack increases to 5.6k

Credit to whixz from our NME Clan for evolving him and sorry ana for ruining the guessing game :frowning:

Courtesy of whixz

Best of the best.

And again, without HG, PVP becomes a gamble that who moves first.

Awesome design and awesome skills

7 more days for me… Cant wait to get my hands on this monster.

He needs a nerf

That’s the ugliest mon I’ve seen thusfar

its like a better version of shadowyrm

How dare you comaparing this new hipster legend to Good old shadowyrm :smiley:

Cant tell if joking but epic auto-protectors say hi lol

I want that monster if only for the design. I don’t know why but I love it.