Chronox Evolution To Its SuperEpic Form

I Evolved My Chronox Today,The Monster Has Got Power Timestrike all!!! And Stun Immunity!!!

Yeah Wow Omg too OP You ruined the meta!!!


Happy ending.


Nice can’t wait to evolve mine

Yea just got mine today as well, did you see the final evolution guys face?!?! It is like a mix of all of he starters! Plus, I wonder what the final evo is gonna be and what his move set will be

Timestrike all is actually really disappointing. It won’t even oneshot enemies after a stun bomb.

I can’t work it out. I’ve noticed that it hits all the mons equally (even if one is 1s away and another is 250s), so I assume it’s based off the one with the highest seconds. But it does seem fairly weak compared to regular Timestrike. I mean, I guess it does more overall damage due to hitting four mons, but for a crit it’s not amazing. I suppose with a higher attack (I assume the ultra-evolved form will have ~40 attack?) it will be a lot more effective. 

Faststrike on the other hand is amazing.

Well if you stun pulse a protector, it might be GG with Timestrike all

can we still use super epic potions for the SE evolution of Chronox? :smiley:

Screenshot please I also want to see the final Ultra evolved :grin::grin::grin:and moveset too xD