Hi guys, I was wondering why there are not any page/topic related to this matter , so I just started one.
If you want to help, follow these 3 simple rules :

  1. only add name with proof,(picture will count)
  2. don’t use this topic to share your idea about cheating or hackers, we know most if your feeling so please keep it to yourself. Only stick to topic please
  3. Don’t bring any name if you don’t have proof, accusing is wrong,even more than cheating and hacking

Thanks All
RAF Arash

This is my first finding

I see a lot of low rank players with ultra evolved legendaries at half speed? Why half speed? Are these hackers? Can they hack everything except the speed? :slight_smile: Or am I wrong?

I think its a cheater .he can’t have a fully evolved legendary with half speed

They are using mod apk its all i know
They can catch legends in game or any other monster but idk why they never get full speed
Maybe devs tweak it to know who cheats or not

Actually the game checks these things before you go into online. Modded APKs can only use offline features as the accounts do not pass the online checks.

This is another one. Hope devs remove them from game quickly :wink:

RAF Arash

You mean like this arash? Lmao sorry for the crappy picture quality i took a pic with my phone of my tablet only has half speed. Yes he is of rank to UE him but the monster is not fully maxed out :slight_smile: talk about cheater

I think this topic should be pinned for more effective use so people do not bump the thread if they find a hacker say 4 months down the road

Hey guys when I played PvP I got this guy and I got defeated
Ban him Dev VKC
And I already got a this type of match but I didn’t captured it
So ban him
Sorry I forgot I didn’t captured his name

That’s not q cheater. It means you DCed before the battle even started.

Why this happens to me

It’s very rare, has only happened once(maybe twice) to me.

Snitches get stitches.

Z19 GaryOak

At least my wounds heal faster if they stich me up and not leave me open wounded

Lol wut

Stitches are used to make a wound heal faster therefor if i get stitches for snitching it is better then leaving my cut untreated and infected :slight_smile: there more specific i re read and realized that made no sense at all XD