Champion Cup

How’s everyone’s team looking for the next pvp event coming up, I’m trying to fit drako into the frontline but have had to switch literally my entire team up.

Ss lineup, probably going to get decimated by all the deodragons though.

So, unless I get chromera, I will have a few problems.

ah you won’t like my FL then :wink: both twin killer legendaries drako and ultimadragon

congra on becoming “Moderators”.

how does it feel?! :smiley:


The champion cup is a full team right? Might become a long battle then

yeah it is, so it should be quite interesting

I’m so hyped for this PvP. Finally the classic full team no rule PvP is BACK!

yea, pinguinator wont be as overkill now.
Also, i have problems opening line, ill answer to u later :v

Ok. Peng will not be as overkill as before but still he can took 4 monsters

geez, 3rd battle in this event and already had my first reconnect auto lose after he saw me totally annihilating his team… we need to see the name of our opponents during the match, so we can report them
goddamn cheaters

I experience this as well…Idiot pull the reconnect thingy and end up losing the match…developers should do something about these people…

So PVP has started, hahaha, I hope my team will fare good with just 1 legend. :3

seriously why do some people take so long to make a move, only to make a move which is the only obvious play to make