Centaur cant kill goldtail with nightwatch

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With 1-1 and sleep immune back in fashion, i was hoping i could use centaurion.

Unfortunately most sleepers have hold ground, so nightwatch cant charge raw blood from Oni, stratus, shadowcat, or loch.

But imagine my glee when my opponents goldtail dropped in and my centaur was up next. “Ive got him now!” I thought. But to my dismay, goldtail went down to only 30% health, and the damager protector that took the other hit only dropped to hold ground.

So no blood charge from that either.

So, can we please have an attack boost to Nightwatch so that we can at least kill something with it?


Dont have cent but i agree, it pretty limited already to specific situations - so he should be good at those.


Many monsters are not stable in damage.

Ice feng does not bring se protectors to hg sometimes.

Razien chrono killer does not always bring another razien to hg.

Dusc with 99 health does half damge

Atra bloodcrave cant one shot the auto protector sloth.

Cylo rng clown. Sometimes he one shot thunder chrono users sometimes not.

True. But centaur isnt a victim of RNG. He isnt even coming close to killing anything with nightwatch that isnt water type.

Caveat, he did just get Shadowwyrm for me. But thats not saying much as Shadow is one of the most killable in the game.

Because bloodcrave is weak, atra is more defensive than offensive and sloth is the tankiest monster in the game. That explains it all, and it’s a good thing that not everything is able to 1 shot everything as they got other stuff in their pocket.

I agree that Nightwatch damage should be similar to assassinate. In the current meta if we want to roll a sweeper it has to have a guaranteed 1 shot move to be viable, sadly.

Update. I lost 3/4 with centaur at 5.

Put icetiger at 5 and won 3/4. Coincidence? Perhaps… but icetiger at least can stun pulse when there are no protectors.

Centaur cant kill sleepers and if there isnt a sleeper or a ground type hes dead weight.

Let’s just admit he is just bad because of his moveset.There are so many stun converter in teams plus the cent can’t do damage at all. Absolute joke. Never get scared when I see him entering the battle lol. The only thing which works for cent is an immediately purify on all your monsters for a cost of 15. So great

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I love centaur. Use him in all my teams but nightwatch should be stronger. One shotting gold tail in my opinion is not too much to ask since it’s the same element.

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Thank you for the feedback guys.
Nightwatch should deal the similar damage as Assassinate does, which is not right now.
We will increase its damage in the next update (Late November).



Thanks @Dev_VKC