Canis' Challenge!

(This is posted in PvP 'cause it might spice it up a bit, also, this cannot be used for the up and coming tournament unless approved)
Hello and welcome to Canis’ Challenge!
I am your host, Canisvulpes!.
In this challenge, I assign monster teams with specific rules to follow, should you decide to partake in it!.
(Eg, Duscyion FL with no protectors at all, Stun middle and Bane/Atra endgame).
How you use the monsters do not matter as long as you follow the rules. Be Creative!

If you would like to partake in it for any reason, please post a comment on this post and I’ll give one to you!
Ps. I will need a monster list for me to do it, I can’t do it if I don’t know what you have!

I volunteer as tribute

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I’ll need a monster list before I can do it, I forgot to put that in.

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Atra,Tenebris, Albakhan, Simuronix.(Frontline)
Deodragon, Armadiator ,F.D Lotus, F.D Daffodil (Middle 1)
Shivadragon, Leviazar, Maggatsouh, Jingledragon (Middle 2)
Deathwarg,Aurodragon, Shadowhunter, Caniswyrm (Endgame)

I didn’t realize you were going to build me a team of monsters that don’t have synergy with one another, I thought you were moreso gonna give me a teambuilding rule to follow this pvp :joy:

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Oops, Sorry dude, but I could give you a rule if you want? But I did that on purpose.

You have me a crappy team on purpose? I’m confused now :joy:

This isn’t very fun

Eh, You’re missing the point here.
I assign the team.
It’s up to you to figure out how to make it work.
But, the point of this to make it a bit more entertaining.
So in short, I give one rule, with monsters provided (Just realized I put 12,I’ll fix that).
You can switch a few things, but not so much where the rules are violated.

So I don’t have to keep the monsters you listed in that order? I just have to use those particular ones, is that what you’re saying?

This seems a lot different from your original post :joy:

No, you do not.
I just wanted to try and see how difficult I could make it :sweat_smile:
But you have to keep at least one group in the same position.

That FL will get raped by basically every other FL :joy:

I love making weird teams but this is just impractical.

Did you use a random number generator or something to make this team or is thus like a Count Lector puzzle arena type deal?

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Take it easy Gary, the dog might be watching.
But no, it was not randomized, I hand-picked 'em

So you’re telling me that “Canis’ Challenge” is basically let @Canisvulpes pick 16 of your monsters and put them in an impractical order? :joy:

Tbh, it does sound like that. I only made this challenge for sh*ts and giggles.
I’ll admit it wasn’t originally what I had in mind.

Anyone who reads this challenge should take the GaryOak Challenge instead: Play the next PvP season using 3-Star or less monsters only.

Only true ballers will accept this challenge @Mr.X

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Sign me up. As long as you are competing though.

I will be competing, but deciding a team for myself seems a bit unfair because I’ll pull the cards this season :sweat_smile:

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Very wise @Canisvulpes :clap:t2: