Can we talk about Motordragon?

I’m sorry, but I feel like this has gone on for quite long enough. Motordragon has been plaguing the meta for over a year now, and I’ve seriously reached the end of my rope. Now that he’s been released for the second time in 4 months, and I believe the 5th time overall, this thing is EVERYWHERE. His shells are impossible to avoid, and I mean impossible. Oh sure, I run Lords in my FL sometimes, but not once has he ever been able to thwart a motor. Either the friendly neighborhood Zib brings motor in before he gets the chance, or Lords just dies. And don’t say Geo, because a ) Very few people even have Geo, b ) They can just kill your Geo before it can stab the shells, and c ) Geo actually simultaneously makes Motor worse because when on the same side he can substitute him to make even more shells. Don’t say Deathwarg either, because you’re daft if you think the enemy’s just going to sit and wait while Warg just casually meanders around stabbing shells. And Warg is nowhere near as hard to deal with as Geo.

The worst part about Motor is that even if you manage to kill him as soon as he shows up, It won’t save you from the shells. Really, he’s the only monster in the entire game that can GUARANTEE a significant impact. Sear and Chrome are not guaranteed, tanks thwart them. Fang and the shockers are not guaranteed, Leo shuts them both down. Auro and Lunartic are not guaranteed, they can be shot down before their passives can trigger. Even Aegis and Stag aren’t, since there are killers like Cyclo and Tridrakhan on the prowl, waiting to make quick work of them. But Motor? Well, he has to enter the field sometime, whether at the front or back of queue. And that’s literally all he needs to do to justify his 13 cost. I simply can’t accept Knock back next as a sufficient hard counter, because the opponent most definitely has a say in how long his Motor remains in the spot, and most of the time in a moment’s notice can bring motor in or kill the KBN before they get the chance. Besides, frankly, Knock back next is a counter for basically everything. You can use it on a shocker if you’re stun vulnerable, or on chrome if you have a lot of chronos and/or poisoners out. Take your pick. You can’t consider something a hard counter if it has the same impact on literally everything else in the game.

All of that nightmare fuel, and I haven’t even gone into his actives yet. He just has to get a repulse off, essentially choosing which enemies he doesn’t feel like dealing with, or just the ones that protect from stun, and pow, his team gains almost complete control of the game. And then he has Knock back next, ironically the very move that’s expected to counter him. When a monster’s only real counter is itself, then you know you have a problem. And just to finish the package, he has Bloodthirst, so once he’s run through his laundry list of shenanigans he can just start killing stuff on his own. Lovely.

I know what you’re thinking- Tinker and Steam. I feel like Tinker is a lot less absurd because boxes are significantly easier to get rid of than shells. All they have to do is get their turn once and poof, they’re gone. Tinker is still bad, though. As for Steam, well, two shells is exponentially worse than just one. Three monsters can hold out much better than two. Don’t get me wrong, Steam is oppressive too, but one shell is at least somewhat tolerable. But not two.

Devs, it’s time to finally do something about this. Heck, TTs aren’t as bad because again, their value isn’t guaranteed, and there are plenty of killers around to deal with them. Nerf Motor, or make a hard countering SE(NOT a legend, unless you’re going to make it widely accessible). Your choice. Just please, for my sanity’s sake, make it happen.

Glad someone mentions it. Motor became the most op monster in pvp by far.
Usually when motor apear and succeed (which is 99% of the time?), i just hit the run button. No point to fight. Its not fun and its a sure lose battle. Dont want to spend the next 10 min waiting for my bronzeshells to cool down from 800 TU stun, while the enemy gained it with minimum strategy - just the right hatch.

And you said it right, no counter for it. There are some things that you can do, but none are effective. Even if i know my next battle will be against motor, and i put all my “knock backs next” monsters on FL + backstabbers, still there is a very high chance i wont counter it (zib - motor, shark - motor. Cant counter it with anything).

It much worse then SS, deo and TT teams.

Motor is fine thing is game has stuff we all hate but we have to accept it and just go with flow

Motor does not need a nerf. He would not be a problem with out stun.

Simple fix would be to just give shells passive Overload: the shells explode if they are stunned past 200 seconds.

Really a lot of issues in this game stem from stun and sleep. Stun locking and sleep locking are the only real strategies in pvp, there is no careful planning or execution of attacks. Pvp has become a game of who can remove stun/sleep counters and then stun or sleep lock their opponent first. (I spend more time protecting my stun absorbing protectors in pvp then I do anything else). Being able to stun monsters into oblivion and sleep lock a monster indefientily are problems.

The issue is not Motor, Tinker, or TT. Stun is the problem, and needs to be reworked. Sleep has become less of an issue but still the ability to continuosly sleep monsters without attacking/killing them is just as bad as having 4 bronzeshells in your team.

I have pretty much given up on the game, because I have to run the exact same team every pvp to avoid stun and sleep locking. If I run any other team I get stun or sleep locked. I always have to have motor in 5th spot and have to run zib in frontline because my motor has to come out first.

I keep seeing posts about nerfing specific monsters TT,SS, Motot/tinker. The monsters are not the problem it is the actual mechanics of how sleep and stun work that cause them to be issues.

Ok developers so after nerfing TT and Motordragon please nerf Penguinator, Soulstealer, Shivadragon and Goldtail… I mean you should nerf everything you have created just because I personally suffer from them. :frowning: Please care about my own interest.

Just nerf everyone but moji and buff him

Fair point scotty

Devs will react to this with a super ultra awesome new legend with entrance killer and stun killer move…of course it’s going to be a special egg to make sure that only 3 people will hatch that legendary

Exactly haha
I just like a fair fight, this game feels like a boxing match with a guy missing his arms most of the time.

Their is a massive counter to motor and that’s the glitch where shells don’t spawn and devs CBA to fix it like any other glitch in the game

Its the only way to counter him lol.

Idea for a SE Monster:

Sacrifice Heal
Summon Minions

Entrance Passive: moves all bronzeshells and boxjaws to the end of team, including those currently on the field when it enters.

Motor and tinker countered and throw teams are made that much more viable. Boom

Z19 GaryOak

Please keep all the monster as they are right now and make more SE with unique moves

If we don’t speak out nothing gets changed.

I may be a noob for saying this but I honestly don’t understand what is so good about motordragon. Sure his passive is great but once he is on the field he doesn’t really do much besides repulse. He has no reliable way to charge up bloodthirst, and knockback next is alright, but is he as good as monsters like raizen, geo, or auro? The shells are annoying but all it takes is 100 sec to life flip and then reckless attack.

It’s not him, it’s the fact he can combo with any stun monster to create a situation where you are locked with 0-2 monsters to fight with for the next 400-600 seconds(depending on the stun). It takes 200 seconds to get rid of a shell. 520 if it gets put to sleep(barring sleep lock) so shocking entrance with it puts you down at 2 slots for 360 seconds. Which is enough to set up more stun and to eat your entire team.

Stun doesn’t just work on shells, they work on normal monsters too. Plus motordragon is pretty slow so you could kill him before he even repulses you, so you would still be playing with 4 monsters. He doesn’t have an immediate impact because if you are winning and control the game then you could just sweep their team before they even get a kill on you and bring in a shell.

Lets break this into different situations. First motor enters, then:

  1. He uses repulse, and take back your stun absorder and something else he find threating. Yes, stun works on everything until it countered, but motor take back your counter. Thats the difference. Also, now he can use knockback else and really mess with your team sync.

  2. You kill him fast. Now you wont get repulsed, but still got 2 shells next in line. You cant rely on your current 4 to sweep all the way to the end of the battle, they will die sooner and later, and there is no fast way to get rid of the bronzeshells. Also, if the opponent plays smart, he can still kill your absorder (if have) and stun your bronzeshells.

Either way you are screwd just by motor entrence.

Honestly I feel people saying Motor wins games by himself are over reacting but let’s say they change motor
You think that will change anything il just use steam or tinker for same effect
Ok remove all of them that’s just dumb same can be said about zib or tt or Midas or anything something will also take its place for those saying give shells stun immune that changes nothing Motor is paired with geo now
That’s 4 shells throw in fox 6 even with being stun immune that’s still set up bait

Sure, you can’t sweep all the way to the end of the battle, but if you can kill a significant amount of monsters before your current 4 dies and the shells enter, then you are still winning. You will already have a big advantage at that point and the moment you get a stunning or shocking entrance on board then you will take back board control. As long as you can take out key targets like stun absorbers then all it takes is a few stuns and you will have board control again. And as you said, 4 monsters can’t take on an entire team, so if you have more monsters than your opponent then even if they kill several of your monsters they won’t be able to beat you if you have already swept most of their team.