Motordragon is Dead

Since Devs nerf Bronzshell—> Motor is already dead… He was a top!!! tier Monster and Now Steamhawk is away better… Motor Deserve 10 Cost. Bronzshells are very fast Dead. And the * Advantage * is broken away…like Bronzshells broken Heart…
They need A Doktor too repair there broken Hearts!

Yea there is a lot of stun, but you know you don’t have to use stun to counter your own motor?

Yeah i know…but this was the key normaly. Now they stun Motor to hell before he can do anything.
It was not good describe by me

Let’s not forget our fallen comrades

A heart for all broken bronzeshells our there :heart:

Enjiin you make a toxic Atmospehre here !
@Zardecil this is not okay

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Does anyone tryed motor on a sleep team? Cus the old school combo with stun is dead

I am impersonating maggatsuoh. He needs some love as anniversary monster.

If old motor still exists meta would had never changed.,

The meta never changed what does it has changed

Less stun, especially no stun aids.
More sleep midgame (not talking about gold), less OoO FL.
Alot more poison.
More auto protects, less abaorders/protectors.

The meta was always sleep/stun/posion

That will never change meta doesn’t mean what’s best
All that changes is what uses it and how it’s used

Meta is what’s common

When we want to change the meta it’s mostly trying to balance those 3 or allow a new combo to arise such as throw or link teams

And stun etc are all still common I’ve played a lot of games with people running 5 shockers

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Still the face of most teams have changed alpt in past year.
DR backstabs era overed, alot more shields now days, more mechanics like confident / mortar / stealth rised (some are better somr worse but still)

Lot more variety for sure and options