Can we consider getting a cap for bonus actions online please..?

To start off, I’ve got 7 S grade monsters I PVP with online so I’m by no means moaning or crying for a flat out nerf, or an increase in S type spawning, I’d just like to suggest a few things and give a few examples I’ve encountered during PVP.

Firstly, it’s rather annoying when you’re winning a battle and your opponent lucks out and gets 3 or 4 extra turns in a row and it changes the battle and can even result in a loss if you’re extremely unlucky. I just don’t think it’s a good way to decide the flow of a battle or even lose 'cause you got hammered by extra turns. I’ve fought people who’ve purely relied on extra turns as they don’t know which move to use or just spam multi target attacks and then get lucky by getting an advantageous amount of extra turns in a row.

Secondly, I’ve been in the situation when I’ve had over 3 extra turns(even as much as 5)in a row and my opponent has disconnected. I’ve had this a good number of times over the last couple of days and it’s obvious the extra turns system has been to blame for them disconnecting. Personally, I’d rather win by using the right moves and making the right decisions instead of getting lucky and getting a good few extra turns in a row. I just don’t see how people can call it a win by lucking out and getting a lot of extra attacks in a battle.

And lastly, the suggestion, which is: 5 extra turns maximum per fight and a single Arkadion can’t get more than 1 extra turn. By no means am I taking away the hard farming people have put in for S grade wyrm’s, however, I just think that’s a more realistic idea instead of there being no cap. I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks this about the current PVP system, however, I’d like to hear constructive thoughs and opinions from people. If a moderator thinks this should be moved to the suggestions section please do, as I thought the PVP area would suffice. Cheers.

Believe it or not, I think the % of getting bonus actions IS nerfed in PvP. But I wouldn’t mind if the cap was lowered even further.

I understand your second point, but I also think bonus actions are important in gameplay. If we nerf it everywhere then there will be no point to grades.

I apologize if I misunderstood; these are just my two cents.

Yes, bonus actions should not be as dramatic in PvP as they are in single player. PvP is definitely not supposed to be luck-based, but players should get SOME reward for working to get that S rank!

I am facing with those cheater that has whole S ranked arkadion, sometimes when i winning or trying to take the lead their arkadion got double action each of them, and even i am this close this winning their stegospike get multiple double action and perma stunning my line up!

Is this through their s rank or their cheat? Both is possible, i think to be fair, bonus action should be capped too maybe 2 times per active monster, notper round that monster get turn

i don’t agree, everything is based on luck. Even catching ark’s I like the fact that bonus actions can either let you win or lose a match. It makes it exciting.

I kinda do agree,had an opponent get 8 actions in a row with an s class thunder back using last stand after I had absolutely destroyed the rest of his team, kinda felt like I got ripped off…