Pvp bonus action (all hackers will be banned from PvP in the next update. Sincerely, Admin)?

Is there a cheat out there to get extra bonus actions? I just played somebody who got at LEAST 12 bonus actions. What made it especially annoying is that I beat their Stegospike/charcalynx combo and was about to win. Then he/she seemed to get one bonus action after another on Destructor, Arkwing and Omniwyrm. LAME!!!

Not sure if you can get that much but there will be a patch for this in the upcoming update of a limit of 1 bonus action per turn i believe. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the world of extreme unluckiness, friend.

It’s very possible, and I’ve faced so many opponents with 10+ BA…and I’ve been the one getting those too. So yeah…all about luck.

After the update, bonus actions will be capped at 1 for PVP.

Glad to hear that they are going to cap it at one, I had an instance where a Plasmorex just kept single attacking my full health Shadowstalker to death.

But then the value of S rank diminishes… :slight_smile:

True, but S ranks will still be useful in single player, I suppose.