can u give me some suggestions

Hi all, im quite new, started 1 week ago. I read a lot on this forum and wanna thank everyone who left their suggestions here.

I would have a pair of qeustions btw:

  1. Is there a site where i can see which kind of moves has a single ark?

  2. i found an A and a B Cherub and have an S levi. Would u suggest to make an S/A angelon or to keep the levi into leviathan and make a random angelon (dont know the movs, but i see everyone uses it)

  3. is there a way to feed my arks with those stupid common arks i found everytime in my mission online?? And is it supposed to get all the arks you need for the recipe in the online mission if u beat the boss on the specific floors (i think the last mission says 25-30-33-36 or something similar)?

  4. i read much about hatcling, just to say my experience: 8 hours of search and still nothing…

  5. Is the battle vs human required to get better arks? I mean, can i found different arks?

And what about tha leveling boost i read about ?

  1. What can i do with silver apart from buying ocarinas

I know, lot of questions…

Thnx anyonen who can help


Imo, fuse the Levi the A cherub, however maybe ask a more pvp oriented person. As for the feeding Om egg arks, I think thats a bug. Hatchlings also have low spawn rates. Try using metallo’s escape, cuts down on a little time. Grade boosters raise the grade, they are pvp prizes and occasionally in the OM. You can also use silver to buy level boosters, which, level up your ark by one level (:

Thnx a LOT


  1. Not sure but I think Ashley was attempting to make a wiki on this forum not sure how that’s going. 

  2. I’d go ahead and make S Angelon. 

  3. Nope (yeah I know it’s annoying for me too)

  4. Listen to music, watch something on TV, also make sure to use soomething like Metallodious to save time and Puffor to weaken them to catch 100%

  5. You don’t need to do PvP to get better arks other than Kamiwyrm which noone has anyway. The best arks can be found in eggs, via fusion or quests.

  6. Silver can also be used for level boosts @ 10k a pop but that’s not until Crescent Island. 

  1. there’s a wiki site listed somewhere, just search for “http”

  2. Absolutely do it.

  3. I thought I read somewhere that OM eggs were purposefully not meant for feeding b/c you acquire so many (& would level your arks ridiculously fast).

  4. Omegawyrm is worth the grind!

  5. Though the PVP reward arks are garbage (aside from kami - I hear it’s good), PVP is my go-to…it’s fun to strategize & play other players. It will be 1 billion x better once the disconnect & false defeat bugs are fixed too. You can also get grade-ups via PVP which as you can assume are very useful (I’d recommend Omegawyrm once you get it).

  6. Ya silver is pretty useless outside of ocarinas & level boosters.

Have fun & good luck!

Thnx everyone!
And a Merry Xmas!!!