+8 star arks

Where can I. Find arks with more than eight stars in the game. Plz

All Om mission arks are 8+
All pvp reward arks are 8+ ( i think so )
All wyrms are 8+
All starters are 8+

Thx jeannette. Are there any that have a higher sporn rate or evolve into 8.5+ like sizzler (don’t know if it is spelt like that but it looks like a snake in a basket).

Generally the more rare an ARK is the more rare it is to find. Sizzler i think i found within 20 minutes, while my average for cherub has been about 30. Starters and hatchling… well, I’ll spare you the details there but it’s worth going after the hatchling/starters and all the higher end fusion ARKs if you do’t have them already.

If you’re still mid game though, just catch anything you dont have and maybe go after:




These shouldn’t take too long and are all solid arks to get you going

Thx for that Yonfire will do. I have finished the game just don’t like waiting for 1+hr just to get a final evolution that is only 8.5 stars (starter).

My biggest recomendation… even if it is potentially the longest is going for omegawyrm. He’s really solid and can just wreck stuff. (he will take awhile though) The fusions of the starters arnt bad but my top picks in order are:

Angelon (can be obtained “relatively quickly”)

Omegawyrm (will take awhile)

Barricadus (another relatively quickly)

Gremknight (this is if you plan on PvPing)

Why gremknight??

It has a really nice set of moves, among them haste and passive stun skin.