can the restore code be changed?

can the restore code be changed? Please I need to know if the restoration code of my account can be changed

No unless you change account. Has it been stolen by somebody?

I suspect yes

Then contact the Devs immediately. Perhaps they can block it

Rofl . "Block it "

Dude I don’t know lmao perhaps it can work like bank accounts but I don’t think I look enough like a developer to be convincing

no bro, I don’t think the neo account is handled like this :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved: But no way :neutral_face:

You just want to get for yourself the former MonkeyDLuffy account but you’re pretty screwed because Devs will ask you the evidence that it’s yours and they only have to check the account IGNs History to find out is not yours

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bro if I have evidence I have email receipts and various things so no problem for that :smiley:

Yeah @MonkeyDluffy account still exists he couldn’t delete the monsters fir real because the account was logged in on other device when he did the YT video so it still has all it’s legendary and even an awakened XYZ almost everyone has it’s restore code it has a lot of users. The restore code became public because monkey post it in the Lounge when all the problem occurred


Well isn’t this curious

Yep dev should ban that acc

Yeah they should or give it back to @MonkeyDluffy changing the restore code

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well someone paid money for that account (without monkey’s permission lmao) so i dont think the devs would change the restore code and give it back to him

Almost everyone knows the RC

Hahaha, you have WHAT ??!,

I played on that account for 2-3 yrs straight, you think your email receipts will be valid when u only played for like 5-6 months ?!
Give me a break.

Now u just want a way to get the account in any way possible!!

I asked vkc if the account could be permanently banned but it seems support didn’t do that. Idk why thou.

I’m confused. @MonkeyDluffy Is EONSantosalan’s account the one you used to have or is that completely irrelevant and it’s actually his own account he accidentally shared the restore code of?

I thought your account was just being brought up as a separate thing but now I don’t think so.

No bro, I mean my neo account, they are crazy, they just started talking about a certain monkey :joy::joy::joy:


Bro, I’m not talking about your account, what I was referring to is that if you could change the restoration code, why did I suspect that someone had it but the problem was solved anyway Thank you all for the help :muscle::ok_hand::ok_hand::+1: