Bug or not?

I was doing SCB Extreme Lv 2 with 3 SE and 1 epic only when in endgame I found myself in a situation that in my opinion in a bug.

So Haneri double time crushed two of my stunners and triggered Bulbie to explode, until here everything normal, bulbie triggered revenge on the other two stunners in the field killing them but their team didn’t get stunned even if bulbie was gone!
In my opinion is a bug and is annoying because made me lose an amazing challenge!

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This is is annoying Imo,you nearly beat them.

maybe this is same like poison tick,the bulbie still absorb stun when he’s already explode

How? Is not logical

Id say try a few more times to check if it was a bug or just a coincidence

Gl :grin: amazing challenge

maybe this scenario like this

haneri attack → trigger revenge → bulbie absorb to much stun → bulbie die ,revenge trigger stun → bulbie still absorb,wait wut? or maybe this is bcoz the selfdectruct didnt trigger stun revenge?

imo this is make my confused

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This is the order everything triggered.

I feel robbed :sob:

As you can see bulbie did not absorb any further stun, his TU remained the same.

As I understand it, only one of two scenarios is likely to happen.

  1. Bulbie dies, sets off an explosion and absorbs everything (which would make less sense cause he’s dead)

  2. After the explosion, all monsters on the field get stunned, which actually makes more sense.

Imo this looks like a bug to me


I always assumed these things are ordered in such a way to make stun protection more powerful, which is a good thing. The Bulbieboom must deal the damage before it removes itself from the battlefield. Hence, the enemies die and it’s still there to absorb the stun.

I’d just take it for what it is. Perhaps the wording on the passive could be made clear, if it isn’t already? “When this monster is stunned to 400 seconds or more it deals massive damage to all enemies then dies.”

According to the description of the passive both bulbie dying and dealing critical damage should happen at the same time. (Instantly die is highlighted in red lol)

Doesn’t make sense for bulbie to execute fuse explosion and still be on the field to absorb stun revenge from those cloners that died to his own explosion.

(Justice intensifies)
“Isn’t death the sole equality to all!
R.I.P 2 copies of cloners. your stun revenge shall not be in vain.”

The passive is then undoubtedly wrongly phrased.

Should be changed to “absorbs stun against teammates, explodes and then dies”

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The grammar is wrong too. It should say “deal”, not “deals”. The fact it has “instantly die” in red is pretty funny


This was my theory at first.
But later I came to know that other monsters with explosive revenge like staticsphere do trigger the stun revenge.

So if this theory is true then wouldn’t that mean bulbie is buggy lol


Yeah Staticsphere is the same thing, does the damage before it actually dies (I think) so the monster coming in from behind won’t get stunned but the other teammates will.

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RIP SCB Extreme Lv 2 with 3 SE and 1 epic :pray:


The truth is that he does it after death has neither head nor foot, in my opinion it is not fair nor do I see it logical, it is like a dead person saving another

Doesn’t really matter man, I did the challenge :smirk: